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HiFly Tyres

HIFLY tyres are manufactured by Hengfeng Tires, one of seven brands manufactured in their six factories, manufacturing steel and semi-steel radial tyres, in China.

Aspiring to put comfort and confidence in your driving experience, each HiFly tyre that leaves their factories is the result of meticulous attention to detail, at both the design and manufacturing stages, committed to ensuring that the driver gets the safe and exciting driving experience that they deserve, whether they are behind the wheel of a Car, SUV, or light truck.

In the SUV, PCR, and light truck segment, HiFly is part of the 32 million tyres produced in three of the factories. Our operations are set up to meet whatever demand the market throws our way, in line with their commitment to expanding operations as their brand becomes more popular.

At the core of their culture is the need to push technology, innovation, and quality to the edge, never compromising. The vehicle driver is their priority and their experience behind the wheel. With an extensive range of popular PCR, SUV and Light Truck tyres, HiFly are well positioned to support most motorists demands, at an affordable price.