OEM Tyre Marks

Vehicle manufacturers conduct intensive research, in conjunction with the tyre manufacturer, into the tyres that they fit to their vehicles. Once a tyre is homologated for a certain vehicle, the tyre manufacturer is able to mark the tyre accordingly. This marking is helpful in selecting replacement tyres for your vehicle, knowing that they have already been tested and approved by the vehicles manufacturer. It is also a badge of honour for the tyre manufacturer, telling the user that their tyre meets the standards set by the vehicle manufacturer.

Below is a list of the more common tyre marks and their respective vehicle manufacturers. These markings are normally found at the end of a tyre description and are marked on the sidewall of each tyre where applicable.

Mark Approved Vehicle brand Mark Approved Vehicle brand
* BMW GZ Subaru
G Golf recommended HN Hyundai
JZ Seat. Subaru HO Honda
K2 Ferrari HP Pagani
KZ Nissan, Toyota J, J1, JRS Jaguar
MZ Mitsubishi, Toyota K1, K2, K3 Ferrari
N1 Porsche L Lamborghini
N2 Porsche LR, LRO Land Rover
N3 Porsche LS Lotus
N5 Porsche LS Lotus
PZ Ford, Mazda, Mercedes, VW LTS Lotus Elise
SZ Mazda MPV LTS 2 Lotus Elise 2
A2A, A4A, AM4 Aston Martin LZ Lancia
AM6, AM8, AMX Aston Martin MC, MC1 McClaren
AM9 Aston Martin DB9 Volante MGT Maserati
AML, AMP, AMR Aston Martin MO, MO1, MOE Mercedes
AMS, AMV, AMZ Aston Martin N0, N1, N2, N3, N4, N5, N6, NX Porsche
AO, AO1, AO2, AOE Audi PE Peugot
AR, ARR Alfa Romeo QZ Mini
AU Audi RO1 , RO2 Audi Quattro, RS4, RS6, R8
AZ Alfa, Fiat, Subaru, Toyota TO, A Toyota
B Bentley T0, T1, T2 Tesla
B1, BC, BL Bentley TZ Mazda 6
CZ Subaru UZ BMW, Skoda
DZ Honda, Mazda, Toyota VO Volkswagen
EZ Audi, Mazda 6 VOL Volvo
F, FO1, FO2 Ferrari VW, VW1, VW2 Volkswagen
FO Ford
G VW Golf recommended