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Sava Tyres

Sava Tyres

Sava Tyres, driven by Goodyear technology, that you can depend on at a price that makes sense.

Sava is one of the largest and most successful tyre manufacturers in Central Europe providing a wide range of passenger car, SUV, light truck and truck tyres.

In 1921 four local businessmen joined forces to open a rubber factory in the city Kranj, north-west Slovenia, where the river Savajoins with the river Kokra on its way to the Danube, producing rubber goodsunder the Vulkan brand name, later bought by an Austrian rubber manufacturer, Semperit, nationalized in the 1940's and renamed to Sava Rubber products, eventually entering into a JV with Goodyear Tire & Rubber.

Sava, retaining it's roots in Slovenia has expanded to embrace the globe. Sava tyres are manufactured in various factories globally, however many tyres are still manufactured in the Sava factory in Slovenia, a state-of-the art production facility specialising in the production of high performance summer and winter passenger car tyres. The Sava production facility in Kranj, Slovenia,is among the most advanced tyre production plants in Europe. Not only does this facility produce predominantly high-performance and winter car tyres for Sava, but also for other Goodyear mid and premium brands, using state-of-the-art technology. The annual output of Sava factory in Slovenia is around eight million tyres.

When buying Sava tyres, you know that you are making a quality choice, a quality choice that is rooted in European heritage and driven by Goodyear technology. Sava quality comes at reasonable price and with good tyre performance, giving you reassurance that you have made a cost-saving. You can be sure that every tyre you buy from Sava, conforms to strict quality standards which enable Sava to confidently offer the Sava Quality Warranty with all tyres sold. All Sava consumer tyres are warranted against workmanship and material ordesign related conditions according to the Sava EMEA warranty conditions for tyres.