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A-Line Wheels

A-Line Wheels

A-Line wheels have a long history in the wheel business. Founded in 1978 by George Santana and Bruce Coquelle, people that were passionate about cars and motor racing. The Company are importers of both alloy, steel wheels and wheel accessories and have been selling wheels under the A-Line brand since 2001. Today A-Line is a Registered Trade mark.

A-Line wheels are manufactured according to the highest standards, ISO 9001, QS 9000 and VIA standards of approval. Wheels are tested and required to pass strict JWL and JWL-T standards. A-Line complies with the correct Load Capacities and Standards suitable for South African conditions.

A-Line imports the latest trends and has a quest to deliver the most fashionable and attractive designs to suit all automotive enthusiasts. Over 130 designs are available, comprising of Passenger, MPV, SUV, 4X4 as well as classics and racing wheel designs. A-Line Wheels give its customers a choice of brands namely: A-Line, Envy, SA Custom, Outback 4x4 and Outback Steel and are also the importer of genuine BBS wheels from Germany.

There are three warehouses situated in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town, their staff have a good sense of service and product knowledge, with most staff having a long service history.