Tyre Assistant

We offer an obligation free Tyre Assistant service to guide you on;

  • Whether your tyres need replacement
  • The correct replacement tyre size and specification
  • Irregular wear concerns
  • Tyre damage

Click Whatsapp and WhatsApp will open. Send us clear photographs of;

  • Your tyre sidewall - to verify specifications
  • Your tyre tread - to check the wear condition
  • Any area of a tyre you are concerned about

Take the time to allow us to review your needs. We will help you determine the correct replacement tyre, remove the salesman pressure and protect you from being mislead, enabling you to make an informed buying decision.

We believe you deserve unbiased advice. Our service is provided on an obligation free basis. Our priority is your safety, making sure your vehicle is prepared for the rigours of the road.

Tyres are a vehicle's number one safety factor. Without serviceable tyres your vehicle's braking effectiveness, road holding and stability are compromised. Neglect your tyres and risk having them let you down when you need them most.