Checkout for free

We want to ensure that stock is available for your order so we enable you to submit your order without making payment. When we confirm your order you will be requested to confirm your order.

Is fitment Free?

Yes. Tyres, wheels and batteries are fitted for free (including a new valve and balancing where applicable) unless otherwise indicated.

Who fits my purchase?

Your purchase will be fitted by our appointed fitment partner in the area you have selected, which may be a Hi-Q, Supa Quick, TyreMart, Dunlop Zone, BestDrive, Point S or any other dealer who meets our selection criteria. Due to some unfortunate experiences this information cannot be shared prior to your order confirmation.

Is fitment by appointment?

Yes. You decide when is convenient for you. You input your preferred fitment date at the time of making your purchase. On completion of your purchase process we will call you to confirm your fitment appointment.

Can I choose to pay on fitment?

Yes. When confirming your order you can select to Pay on Fitment. You will be required to make a small part payment to secure your stock, with the balance due when you fit your purchase.

Is Wheel Alignment Free?

No, you will have to request wheel alignment at the center when you arrive for fitment of your purchase.

Is it safe to use my Credit/Debit card for payment?

Yes. All Debit and Credit card transactions are independently and securely processed by DPO Paygate, one of the biggest payment processors in Africa, who make every effort to protect your transaction.