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Pirelli Tyres

Pirelli Tyres

Pirelli Tyres is a major player in the tyre industry focused solely on the Consumer tyre market. Founded in Milan in 1872 it stands as a global brand known for its cutting edge technology, high-end production excellence and a passion for innovation that draws heavily on its Italian heritage. A few historical highlights include,

1872 Founded by Giovanni Battista Pirelli to produce elastic rubber items.
1873 The first plant for the production of rubber items was built in Milano.
1901 The production of car tyres began.
1907 The first Grand Prix of the Automobile Club of France was wonby a car fitted with Pirelli tyres.
1949 The Cinturato started to be conceived and the first Pirelli radial tyre marketed from 1953.
1970 saw the launch of Cinturato P6, P7 and P8.
1980 introduction of the first motorcycle radial tyre.
2004 Superbike World Championship exclusive supplier.
2009 Cinturato P7 was introduced, the first high-performance tyrebased on a green philosophy.
2010 Pirelli was back in Formula 1.

The Pirelli brand is known around the world as an icon of technology and excellence. Represented by the elongated capital for more than a century, the Pirelli name stands for a premium, high-end style with an Italian heritage all underlined by its distinctive position as a supplier to luxury car manufacturers. The reputation and strength of the brand are continually reinforced by Pirelli involvement in motorsport projects and competitions,design and lifestyle projects and initiatives for the community, art and culture.

Within the tyre industry Pirelli competes with the top tier manufacturers which are characterized by higher than average price positioning, a wide range of products and dedicated regional lines. Over the years Pirelli has gained a sound position in the distinguished Prestige car tyre segment, with a share of more than one third of the global market.

Pirelli is dedicated to making a wide range of high quality andtechnologically advanced tyres suited to meeting the needs of the final consumer. The companies product range consists of innovative tyres for cars,motorcycles and bicycles, including a growing portfolio of customized products such as Pirelli Connesso and Pirelli Color Edition. These product innovations harness the latest technology to offer greater performance and safety for all Pirelli customers.
Pirelli has a long link with motorsport and sustains itstechnological excellence by bringing innovations developed within the motorsport arena to its consumer products. The company currently supports over 460 car and motorcycle sport events. Such a strongpresence in motorsport enables Pirelli to transfer a series of avant-garde solutions to its day-to-day operations providing the final consumer with the maximum levels of performance and safety.

With 18 factories located in 12 countries Pirelli had a production capacity of 76 million car tyresin 2017, and more than 14,600 points of sale in over 160 countries a growing sales network that puts Pirelli ever closer to its customers. Pirelli designs and engineers tyres that have been individually developed to enhance the features of each car model, guaranteeing the highest levels of safety and sport performance in any condition. Over the years Pirelli have earned a reputation as being innovative and reliable, with high visibility in the performance and racing markets. Pirelli and performance go hand in hand in consumer opinion.